Crankworx Rotorua 2017 - Unofficial Whip Off

The Crankworx Rotorua Whip-off this year didn’t go quite as planned. With bad weather causing it to be postponed, it ended up being run at night under the lights, which was, in fact, quite rad. If not a little harder to shoot. After we’d packed up our gear at the end of the night, we thought that we were done with the Tom Hey creation for another year.

However, the day after Crankworx, we got a phone call from Emmerson Wilken, inviting us down to an exclusive Jam with him, Tyler McCaul, and some of their mates. Back to the whip jump we went. This time, broad daylight, sun was out, dirt was dry, no crowds, no media, and no flags. It was a whole different world. After a couple of test run-ins the crew started to find their steeze. Jono Drew was on hand to capture some of the highlights of this rad little session, which ended up going all morning...

Jono Drew with the camera.

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