Darklight - Le making of

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See the full Darklight film in 4K Ultra HD here: https://youtu.be/uWEedtPqbcE

Go behind the scenes with Sweetgrass Productions on the set of DARKLIGHT. Inspired by Ambilight, Sweetgrass assembled a crew of 27 and over 6000kg of lighting equipment from 4 states across the Western US. During their time on set, the team had to overcome the struggles of 40 °C building conditions, rattlesnake bites, 3 weeks of nocturnal living, and the mountains of logistics to keep 178 light fixtures running throughout the night.

Since the start of Philips TV, it’s been in our core to create TV moments beyond the ordinary. Philips Ambilight technology uses the power of light to enhance the things you love to watch, play and share. Inspired by what light can bring to an experience, we have produced Lightwaves and Afterglow. Now the time has come to venture into the glowing world of light once more. In DARKLIGHT, we release the light on a new scene and let it dance in the darkness, creating a world of visions and emotions where light caresses barren mountains and lush forests. Lights make the landscape come alive in a universe that is not really there, a dream world, an illusion. In this mirage of light some of the best riders in the world challenge themselves and create a truly beyond the ordinary moment.

Watch it. Experience it. Feel every detail on Philips 4K UHD TVs. Welcome once again to the world of Philips Ambilight TV, using the power of light and best in class picture quality to give you an experience beyond the ordinary.

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