Leogang World Cup 2017 - Polygon UR

One again the World Cup circuit choose one of the finest track to host their 4th round.
Tracey was the last women standing on the track and after to two first split she was fastest by over a second until she crashed and bent her brakes lever then rode down the track with the 9th time.
Tracey pushed hard and this is what it takes to win , we are proud of you Tracey to push your limit like a true champion.
Tracey still remain #1 on the overall ranking.
The Boys did a great job with 2 man on the top 20,
Mick got 14th and secure his 14th overall place , Alex finish on a great 11th place and prove that he is on pace and now Alex is 9th at the overall.
Kenta got 65 and step by step is getting back to speed.

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